Time Sheets

Manage your hours worked efficiently and easily

TimeSheets is a Pocket PC time recording system for anyone who must keep track of billable time worked. One time saving data entry to satisfy the needs of the client and the office. Designed for busy professionals who need to switch between multiple clients and tasks during the day. Accurately records all time worked ensuring correct efficient invoicing for maximum revenue.

Key features of the TimeSheets system:

  • A Hard Copy Print add-on available separately which prints a hard copy of the timesheet with individual serial numbers direct from your device to a suitably connected printer. i.e. via network, infrared or Bluetooth
  • A PDF add-on product available separately which allows creation of timesheets as pdf files which can be saved or sent as e-mail attachments direct to a client
  • Signature Capture facility
  • Multiple Start/Stop Timer's with ability to edit data entry while timer is running
  • Timesheets can be customised with logo's and standard texts. Printouts are now available in English, French, German, Dutch and Portugese languages
  • XML and CSV files can be exported and emailed direct from your device
  • Backup timesheet data to various locations i.e. an external storage card
  • Timesheet may be previewed on screen prior to authorisation. Can also be reviewed on screen once authorised
  • If a timesheet entry is entered for the wrong day, it can easily be moved to another date
  • Designed for zero data loss timers keep running even when device is restarted
  • Pocket Outlook is the source for timesheet clients and contacts
  • TimeSheet data can be collated from several PC's to a centralised Time Collector
  • Facility to alter Start and Stop times generated by the timers
  • Minimum on site charges can be applied
  • And much more!

Time Sheets


Time Sheets 9.005